HIDDEN - A Rookwood Sculpture Walk

HIDDEN was established in 2009 to enable the local community to explore Rookwood Cemetery. Rookwood is the oldest, largest and most multicultural cemetery in Australia, and HIDDEN invites the public to experience the historic and cultural significance of this iconic site. 

HIDDEN – A Rookwood Sculpture Walk is an outdoor sculptural exhibition that steps outside the notion of mainstream galleries and typical outdoor sculpture exhibitions to showcase Rookwood as Australia’s most multicultural site.

Rookwood General Cemetery services many different religious and cultural groups. As a result, community engagement is a priority for us to understand the needs of the evolving Sydney community.  HIDDEN was created as a platform for community engagement, and while still remaining respectful of its purpose and place, it aims to de-mystify some of the misconceptions surrounding cemeteries as dark or intimidating settings.

Each year, the exhibition invites artists to respond to the themes surrounding the Rookwood site, including history, culture, remembrance and love.