Submissions are now CLOSED for HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures 2019. We have received an abundance of applications from emerging artists, artists from culturally diverse backgrounds, and artists with an interest in heritage. All artists will be notified on the outcome of their applications by 30 April.


Works that respond to the diverse themes of history, culture, remembrance, love, cycles of life and the passage of time. We are open to a wide range of artistic approaches, materials and forms. There is the possibility of involving kinetic elements, performance and participatory engagements. We are looking for a broad span of works ranging from the celebratory, big, bright and colourful – to the contemplative, intimate and thought provoking. Artists may propose works yet to be made or existing works that relate to the exhibition themes. 





Rookwood Sculpture Award - $10,000

Rookwood is offering a non-acquisitive award of $10,000 for one artist. All artists that are selected into HIDDEN 2019 will be eligible for this award. The successful artist will be selected by an external panel of judges. The award recipient will be announced at the HIDDEN launch.

Artist at the Armory Award (optional) – valued at $800

Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) is offering a residency for up to three months at Newington Armory for an artist who is selected in the HIDDEN 2019 exhibition. The successful artist (or artist collaborative) will have the use of one of the Armory’s studios from May until July 2019 to prepare their work for HIDDEN 2019. The artist is also given the option to base themselves onsite in the residential cottage for the duration of the residency.

Only artists who are proposing a work yet to be made are eligible for this award. Artists wishing to be considered for this award must select this option in the application form, as well as provide two referees. The successful artist will be selected by Tony Nesbitt (Manager, Arts Programming, SOPA).

For more information about the Artists at the Armory program and Newington Armory visit the website here.

Elite Funeral Directors Award - $1,000

Elite Funeral Directors are offering a $1,000 award for one artist who chooses to address the themes applicable to this award. The successful artist will be selected by the judges in conjunction with Diane Luccitti and Scott Rennie from Elite Funeral Directors. It will be awarded to the artwork that best addresses the conversation around end of life and the ways in which we honour our departed whilst best serving our own mourning journey. The award recipient will be announced at the HIDDEN launch.

People’s Choice Award - $1,000

Rookwood is offering a $1,000 people’s choice award. All artists that are selected into HIDDEN 2019 will be eligible for this award. Audiences have the opportunity to vote onsite for their favourite sculpture. The award recipient will be notified the week after HIDDEN closes.

Sensory Award - $300

We are looking for artworks that can be enjoyed without just the sense of sight, but can be touched, heard or even smelt. One artist will be selected and a $300 prize will be given to the artwork that best encapsulates people’s senses. 



Artists exhibiting in HIDDEN 2019 will receive $500 per artwork.

Additional support of $200 will be available to artists whose artwork is being transported more than 200km.



25 March: Entries Close

30 April: Successful Notification

28 June: Final Artist Statement and Artists Forms Due

21 - 28 August: Installation 

7 September - 7 October: Exhibition Dates

7 September, 3pm: Opening Event

8 - 15 October: De-Installation


For more information, please email the curator or contact the office on 02 8575 8100.