Entries Close 11 April 2019

Rookwood General Cemetery is pleased to announce that for the first time, submissions are NOW OPEN for HIDDEN Rookwood Students 2019. 

We invite students from secondary and tertiary institutions or youth/community groups, either as individuals or as a group, to apply for this new program. The artworks will be selected and showcased alongside sculptures and installations within the HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures Exhibition. 

We are interested in works that respond to the diverse themes of history, culture, remembrance, love, cycles of life and the passage of time. We are open to a wide range of artistic approaches, materials and forms. There is the possibility of involving kinetic elements, performance and participatory engagements. We are looking for a broad span of works ranging from the celebratory, big, bright and colourful – to the contemplative, intimate and thought provoking. Artists may propose works yet to be made or existing works that relate to the exhibition themes.


Rookwood is offering a $1,000 voucher towards art materials for one artwork. All student/s that are selected into HIDDEN Rookwood Students will be eligible for this award. The successful student will be selected by the Curator and Rookwood General Cemetery. The award recipient will be announced at the HIDDEN launch. Artsits selected into HIDDEN Rookwood Students are ineligible for all HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures prizes, except the People’s Choice Award.


Students selected in HIDDEN Rookwood Students will receive $100 per artwork.


The HIDDEN Rookwood Students Winner will be selected by the Curator, in conjunction with Rookwood General Cemetery.


11 April: Entries Close

30 April: Successful Notification

28 June: Final Student Statement and forms Due

19 - 20 August: Installation

7 September - 7 October: Exhibition Dates

7 September, 3.00pm: Opening Event

8 - 15 October: De-Installation


For more information, please email the curator or contact the office on 02 8575 8100.