Rookwood General Cemetery is committed to making HIDDEN - A Rookwood Sculpture Walk more accessible to our wider audience.

We acknowledge that the cemetery itself is a difficult site for many of our visitors, with our uneven grounds and the distance of the walk. Over the coming years we will be putting in place measures to improve the ways in which our visitors can experience HIDDEN and the cemetery itself.

In 2018 we had introduced the following:

HIDDEN Tour with Audio Description

We are pleased to share that we have just launched our first ever Audio Described video, providing access for people who are Blind or have Low Vision. Experience HIDDEN as you are guided through some of the exhibited artworks. 

Please click here to access the new accessible video - Mini HIDDEN Tour with Audio Description

Service Animals

All service animals are welcome at Rookwood Cemetery.


We had large (A3) print versions of the HIDDEN 2018 Map and Visitor's Guide downloadable here or in the Rookwood General Cemetery office. 

Walking Cane Chairs

The HIDDEN 2018 route was approx 1.8kms long. We appreciate that this can be a long walk for some people. At the office you can hire a walking cane chair to assist you in stopping for a rest along the walk.

Please note: deposit is fully refundable upon return and chairs will hold a max of 90kg.

Customised Tours

If you would like a customised group tour that caters for the needs, abilities, and interests of people with disability then please contact us.