Adam Galea
Speak with Dead
Amanda Bruhn
Barbara Licha
Clara Adolphs
Donita Hulme-Cawl
Qi Dau Vanumia Haraga (I Am Always Remembering)
George Catsi & Anne Kwasner
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Jacek Wankowski
In My Beginning Is My End
Janet Long
Mute Bells
Kassandra Bossell
Wing Tunnel
Linde Ivimey
Bella Donna (Deadly Night Shade)
Marina DeBris
Unendangered Species
Nina Knezevic
Mourning Picnic
Richard Tipping
Breathe (Be Breath Breathe Reath We Wreathe)
Sian Watson
Hollow Hounds
The Ryan Sisters
Between the Light and the Dark
Alessandro Berini & Selina Springett
Angela Bekiaris
A Study of Convergence
Barbara Wulff
David Asher Brook
Father and Daughter
Fiona Kemp
Ghost Lane
Graeme Pattison
A Wake Up Call
Jan Cleveringa
The Passing
Jihye Min
Lamentation - Largo
Kate Rae
Big Spiders
Lucy Barker
Mary Thi Nguyen
Coral is Life
Rachel Sheree
Peace in Death
Robert Hawkins
The End of the Conversation
Stefano Di Lorenzo
Alma Studholme
Vanishing Point - The Point of Contact
Antone Bruinsma
Brigid Vidler
Chairs With No Table
Diamando Koutsellis
Iotus Labyrinth
Gary Deirmendjian
Strata - Rookwood
Hidemi Tokutake
Fairy Rings
Jane Gillings
Twist of Fate (Widow-maker)
Joel Cunningham
Kirsty Collins
Tears & Courage
Madeleine Challender
Office of the Imagination: Research and Development - Rookwood Field Office
Mike Garth
Expiry Date
Rhonda Castle
Prism of Life
Sandra Winkworth & Lisa Woolfe
In Flight
Sue Ryan
Guardians of Rookwood