Congratulations to the following artists who have been selected to exhibit in the 10th annual
HIDDEN - A Rookwood Sculpture Walk.


Allyson Adeney
In Memory of Mourning
Aaron Anderson
Lee Bethel
The Shadow
Pamela Lee Brenner
Into My Darkened Heart
Melinda Brouwer
Tim Bruniges and Paolo Macchia
Plinth (33?52'09.0'S 151?03'13.8'E)
Will Coles
Untitled (A Gift from England)
Jennifer Conroy Smith
Stuart Cussons
Ka Boat
Claudia De Salvo
Permanent Address
Atanas Djonov
Kate Dorrough
Grotto of Tranquility
Fraser the Razor
This Do in Remembrance of Me
Lee FullARTon
Holy Tree Shrine with Tsa
Adam Galea
Weight of Faith
Genevieve Graham
Shadow Mementos
Ulvi Haagensen
The Mourning Sweeper
Olivia Hamilton
What Lies Buried / What Grows
Aedan Harris
Rose Hawker
A Memorial to the Monument
Madeleine Hayes
Roxy's Table
Hobart Hughes
Spirit Headstone 1-5
Sonja Karl
Remembrance Tree
Kenneth Lambert
Apparition (6x6) (10x10)
Anne Levitch
On Hold
Ad Long
Ludwig Mlcek
Spira Mirabilis
Tal Mor Sinay
Zara Pasfield
Parrot Party
Peacock Gallery Maker's Circle
Who Will Fill These Shoes?
Donna Turtle Sarten and Bernie Harfleet
Operation Ranch Hand
Eye Shen
Counting Time
Amelia Skelton
Preservation and Degradation (Where leaves the rose of yesterday)
Julianne Smallwood
Sleeping with the Fishes
Sydney Art Exchange
Ten x Ten (A Field of Remembrance)
Linda Swinfield
Grave Seats 2018
Christopher Trotter
Headstone for the Unknown
Miho Watanabe
Awareness of Between-ness: Katami once a possession of deceased
Elizabeth West
Alison Winchester
Our Fallen Stars
Lisa Woolfe
Barak Zelig
Hidden from Us

*Congratulations to Kenneth Lambert - winner of the SOPA Artist at the Armory Award