SOPA Artist at the Armory Award Winner

Kenneth Lambert
Apparition (6x6) (10x10)

Kenneth Craig Lambert (KCL) is a contemporary artist who explores the human psyche and its relationship to technology. He achieves this by utilising algorithms and sound frequencies to create time and space which entices the viewer into a meditative state. Most recently KCL has turned his attention to big data and its potential impact on our sense of identity and autonomy. His practice is evolving from screen based to installation and interactive public works.


Kenneth Craig Lambert (KCL) is a contemporary artist, an international award winning designer and film director born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1971. Over the last 5 years his creative focus has shifted to the arts, with his first solo exhibit in 2016, Primitive Shadows. In one single show Lambert established an articulate platform for his arts practice which encompasses digital media and public installations. *He has most recently been finalised in the 40th Alice Prize with his immersive video work, “The Crucible”.


36 Painted Aluminum stems / 100 Painted Aluminum stems


240 x 160 x 640