Congratulations to the following artists who have been selected to exhibit in the 2019
HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures.


Anney Bounpraseuth
Ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust
Audrey Newton
Jewels-Part II
Barak Zelig
Lured to the light
Cameron Stanton & Rachael Lafferty
Memoriam Trill
Claire Tennant
All things move towards their ends
Cybele Cox
Emma Devine & Samantha Kirby
Beneath the Plume
Gillian Kayrooz
Helen Earl
In Memoriam
Hilde Angel Danielsen
Pentagon Corridors
Jane Gillings & Irene Traucki
No Going Back
Julie Monro-Allison
Cluster together and hold tight
Karmyn Gibson
Lachlan Warner
Earth Store Bodhisattvas
Leon Lester
SignPost for the universe
Linda Brescia
Looking through to the sky
Lisa Tolcher
In Recognition
Lisa Andrew & Rachel Buckeridge
Sheets and towels
Louise Morgan
In some other countries rivers have rights
Ludwig Mlcek
Object in Landscape
Liz O'Reilly
Mandy Burgess & Ro Murray
Marina Robins
Voices from my past
Mimi Dennett
365 Days
Nadia Odlum
The distance between (coupling)
Nerine Martini
Survival Strategies
Nuha Saad
Underneath The Stars I'll Meet You
Paul Greedy
Not yet determined
Polly Williams
Priscilla Bourne
Body Masks
Renuka Fernando
Last will and testament
Shannon Hobbs
Franko's Nirvana
Sharon Risdale
Death of a reef
Sylvia Griffin
Slowly we unravel
Tammy Wong Hulbert
Two Wongs making a white
Wesley Harrop


Congratulations to Paul Greedy for being selected as the recipient for the SOPA Artist at the Armory Award.