The HIDDEN Satellite Exhibition 2023 at The McGlade Gallery, ACU Strathfield, explored behind-the-scenes developments of the artworks featured in HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures.

Just as satellites orbit around the Earth to aid in communication, the HIDDEN Satellite Exhibition was a short distance away from Rookwood and shared additional information, ideas, and the working processes from some of the HIDDEN 2023 artists, as they developed their sculptures and installations for Rookwood Cemetery.

The HIDDEN Satellite Exhibition is made possible in partnership with The McGlade Gallery, ACU Strathfield.
Instagram: @mcglade_gallery_acu

Featured Artists: Kealey Bacic, Glenn Barkley, Lachlan Bell, Celine Cheung, Cole Cochran, Harry Copas, Crackpot Studios (Caroline Wright, Mandie Robertson, Sarah Robertson, Bridget Willis), Kumiko Delaney, Entangled (Belinda Piggott, Dinah Taprell, Jane Lush), Emily Greenwood, Sylvia Griffin, Lisa Hölzl, Virginia Keft, Benita Laylim, Karlina & Lee Mitchell, Clare Nicholson, Nicole O'Regan, Leyla Oz, Jayanto Tan, Jane Theau, Dianne Turner

Curator: Dr Tracey Clement


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HIDDEN Satellite Exhibition: 14 October to 4 November 2023
 The McGlade Gallery, ACU Strathfield, Gate 3, 25a Barker Road, Strathfield NSW 2135


Lisa Hölzl, Working process - Gustava's Kiss 

Glenn Barkley, Working process - the dead tree the dry stone I knew nothing 

Nicole O'Regan, Working process - Sombre 

Jane Theau, Working process - The Soul of a Unicorn 

Cole Cochran, Working process - Slow Response 

Emily Greenwood, Working process - Food for Thoughts: A Question of Intergenerational Memory? 

Celine Cheung, Working process - 忘川 (River of Oblivion) 

Crackpot Studios, Working process - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 

Leyla Oz, Working process - Kefen - Nothing but a few pieces of cloth 

Kumiko Delaney, Working process - The Unwind in Nishitokorozawa

Karlina and Lee Mitchell, Working process - Moce

Lachlan BellWorking process - Sinililled silmadele (Blue Flowers For Eyes)

Benita Laylim, Working process - Ghosts of lost species gather at the shrine

Clare Nicholson, Working process -Remains to be Seen

Dianne Turner, Working process - Chandelier of Time and Face

Entangled, Working process - Infinite Entanglement: Plotting the Urban Forest

Kealey Bacic, Working process - Fallen

Jayanto Tan, Working process - The Chest of Silence: Tart’s Tea Party in The Garden of Celestial City

Harry Copas, Working process - Exits and entrances 

Sylvia Griffin, Working process - Markers of Remembrance 

Virginia Keft, Working process -  The Colony 

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HIDDEN Satellite Exhibition

DirectionsThe McGlade Gallery is a 20 minute walk or 7 minute drive from HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures in Rookwood Cemetery. (See map below)

Opening Event: Saturday 14 October 2023, 2pm - 4pm  RSVP here

Exhibition: 14 October to 4 November 2023, Monday to Saturday: 11am - 4pm

Location: The McGlade Gallery, ACU Strathfield, Gate 3, 25a Barker Road, Strathfield NSW 2135

Instagram: @mcglade_gallery_acu