HIDDEN Rookwood Stonemasons brings the general public up close to see the traditional, finely honed, hand-carving skills of living stonemasons. Focusing on gothic architectural details, these new stoneworks are set in the context of Rookwood Cemetery’s historic array of stonemason carvings on headstones, vaults and memorials, spanning the past 150 years.

HIDDEN is hosting a special Stonemason’s Networking Event, 1-2pm Sat 21 Oct, on the Village Green Rookwood. Followed by the HIDDEN official launch and award announcements.


Exhibiting Stonemasons:

Matthew Johnson, Sach Killam, Daniel Kilminster, Harold McLean, Matt McLennan, Josh Tilden, Daniel Tranter-Santoso.


HIDDEN Stonemasons judging panel:

Paul Thurloe, Katie Hicks, Michael Landers


HIDDEN Stonemasons Awards:


Audio Tours:

Immerse yourself in the exhibition with the HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures audio tours. These self-guided audio tours are free and accompanied by transcriptions, allowing you to delve into the artists' perspectives on their work.

Listen to the Audio Tours