Goldie: A Neo Gothic Finial, 2023

Sydney Yellow Block Sandstone



A finial is an architectural carving, found mainly on top of pinnacles, or on top of gables on churches and cathedrals or occasionally used as part of monumental and grave structures. My carving, Goldie: A Neo-Gothic Finial, consists of four very large and bold crockets, four Tudor style roses and multiples of smaller leaves, aesthetically placed to form a visually stimulating and interesting combination.

I have been a stonemason carver and Artist for over 20 years and in the past, I have enjoyed working on some of Sydney's finest and most beautiful stone buildings.

About the Artist


Harold Mclean lives on Dharawal Land in south western Sydney, NSW.




Hello there viewers!

My Name is Harold McLean and I have been a stonemason carver and artist for over 20 years. The name of my work that is in front of you is: "Goldie " by architectural description is a Neo Gothic Finial.

These are usually found on top of Pinnacles on cathedrals, churches or even occasionally used as part of funeral decorative arrangement of a grave.

My architectural carving arrangement consists of four large Crockett’s, multiple foliage’s and 4 large flowers aesthetically placed by my design.

The carving has been executed with the use of traditional hand tools and pneumatic tools powered by compressed air, “Goldie” was always there hidden in the block, All I had to do was remove a few small pieces.

Thank you for viewing my work!