HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures 2022 featured ten works relating to Rookwood Cemetery and spanning themes of memory, culture, family, belonging and grief rituals.


HIDDEN 2022 Map Crop 


1. Bernadette Smith, Waters of Life
2. Szymon Dorabialski, The Bell Tolls for Three
3. Anne Zahalka, May their memory be a blessing
4. Niall Robb, Aura Reader
5. Pamela Leung, SILENCE
6. Maissa Alameddine, Songs for Sitti: prayers for my grandmother
7. Stevie Fieldsend, STILL (once trees)
8. Kate Dunn, Memory
9. Clare Nicholson, Butterfly Effect
10. Em Ingram-Shute, Irony in Flow
11. Olga Svyatova, Letter to the void
12. Maddison Gibbs, Mother Scar Tree
13. Ellen Dahl, Field Notes from the Edge #5
14. Philippa Hagon, The Residence - Act #3 - Full House
15. Mahalya Middlemist and Laurence Hall, Ambrosial Epitaph
16. Mark Booth, Tumulus
17. Adam King, Mani
18. Lachlan Warner, Reading for the Living and for the Dead
19. Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria, Opening Ceremony
20. Cybele Cox, The Red Shoes Vanitas
21. Alan Tulloch, Vigil
22. Whimbrel Wilson, Hearth
23. Karen Golland, Your one wild and precious life
24. Cabramatta High School, The Rhythm of Lamentation, (School)
25. Barker College, Making Connections, (School)
26. Kristy Gordon, Catching Fallen Stars, (Emerging Artist)
27. Hurlstone Agricultural High School, In Contemplation of Loved Ones Past (School)
28. Benita Laylim, a maus called liam, (Emerging artist)
29. CAT (Cumberland Artists Together), Rockwood Rocks Remembrance (Community Group)
30. Joanne Makas, The Forest That Sighs
31. Louisa Maxim, Utter… (Emerging artist)
32. Farnaz Dadfar, Exilica
33. Chris Dolman, Many Parts Make a Whole
34. Priscilla Bourne, Night & Day
35. Basketry NSW, Ye who are weary, come home (Community Group)
36. Suzanne Davey, Catch me, I'm falling
37. Josee Vesely-Manning, Juliet of the Spirits [Artwork Withdrawn]
38. Hyun Hee Lee, Spiritual Connection
39. Kathie Najar, Ode to Joy
40. Leisa Sage, Your embrace is my fondest memory
41. Jayanto Tan, And Then, Pai Ti Kong (A praying The Heaven God)
42. Tina Fox, Distress Signal